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Landscape Services

Mowing, watering, weeding, fertilizing… Maintaining your yard is a time-consuming business. But thanks to Alpha Sport Solutions, you can now say a permanent goodbye to endless maintenance.

This extensive collection of artificial turf applications combines the appearance of natural grass with the comfort and user-friendliness of synthetic grass. Our silky-soft, durable products for your garden, balcony or roof terrace can’t be distinguished from the real thing. Installation is extremely simple and maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum. Alpha Sport Solutions will ensure that you really do enjoy your garden, all year long.


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Sport & Multisport Services

A great game of football is a thrilling experience that can only get more competitive on a great playing surface. With more than decade of expertise, we at Alpha Sport Solutions make it our goal to develop artificial turf that improve player’s competitiveness.


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Removal Services

Alpha Sport Solutions will always be here for you. Whether you call our specialists to provide the best services according to your needs. Or you need only instructional information to do it yourself, we are here to serve you.

When you decide that the artificial turf should be removed, several operations must be followed. In fact, the final goal of the artificial grass removal is to convert the turf into recyclable material.

We removed artificial grass from any size sports field. The lawn with sand and / or rubber inside is wrapped in strips 4 meters wide, with a total of only 30 rolls. Sub-base pressure is minimal and no damage damper or heang system. The crab can also remove electronic layer in situ (artificial grass damper) recycling.


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Maintenance Services

Maintenance is also essential for a lasting and consistence performance. Today’s pitches are intensively played and have to stand up to high levels of wear and tear all year long. Synthetic turf is also sensitive to soiling. If left uncleared, leaves, litter, algal growth and moss can cause sliding and lead to water leakage. Correct maintenance is therefore, a ‘must’ if you want your synthetic turf sports pitches to continue performing at the highest level and to remain optimal. A distinction is made between extensive specialist maintenance and day-to-day maintenance. If both types are carried out consistently and with care, this will extend and uphold the performance and life of the pitch. After all, maintenance = preservation of the pitch! Our maintenance and service contract for ensuring consistently high quality in the use of our products, and maximum value retention

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Why choose Artificial Grass

No more mowing

Plush green natural lawns require a lot of maintenance, such as mowing, weeding, watering and chemical treatments all of which takes time, commitment and money. Even with much care your existing lawn or playing surface is very weather-dependent. Summer heat spells can leave it looking dry and yellow, while a lot of rain will turn it into a mud bath. With Synthetic Turf, your lawn looks perfect all year around independent of weather conditions.

Perfect Green Grass

Perfect for Areas Where Grass Won’t Grow

Plush For areas with lack of sunlight and moisture artificial grass is the perfect alternative. And, of course, it doesn’t need any sunlight or regular watering. Meaning it will look lush and green all year around. If you are struggling to grow and maintain real grass, why not consider having artificial grass installed? You will have a beautiful green lush grass all four seasons. And the most important thing; you will have a lot more time to spend with family and friends.

Garden with stones

No More Mud or Mess

More people than ever are opting for low maintenance, all-weather surfaces in their yard. There’s no more mud, mess, mowing, watering or weeding once we installed Artificial Grass. You have more time to simply relax, enjoy and entertain in your great looking backyard.

Clean Grass No Mud or Messs

100% Child Friendly

Artificial grass is very soft on little hands and feet, making it the perfect choice for households with young children. Some of our manufacturers also offer the installation of soft foam pads beneath the synthetic turf to cushion falls. Because synthetic lawns don’t get muddy, there’s no reason to keep the kids off the grass during the winter which will extend the season.

Child on the Grass

100% Dog Friendly

Artificial grass is as practical as natural lawns. Dogs and other pets will enjoy them year round as well.

why choose artificial Grass Dog Jumping

Great for Allergy Sufferers

Don’t let your allergies stop you from having the lawn of your dreams. With the help of artificial grass you can have that perfect lawn without having to suffer with bugs or allergies.

family sitting on artificial grass

Alpha Sport

Here at Alpha Sport Solutions we are passionate about artificial grass and its installation. Hands on experience has given us valuable insight to products, expectations and the realities of delivering the best artificial turf for your home or project.

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